As we snuggle up with family to enjoy the season’s festivities, it can be easy to forget that in the UK we live in some of the draughtiest homes in Europe.

Leaky homes mean higher energy bills, more carbon emissions and poorer health, but there are many simple ways we can all take action to reduce heat loss and save money.

To make it even easier, 10:10 have created a handy new guide to tackling heat this Christmas…

The ‘Baby it’s Cold Inside‘ guide includes draught-busting solutions, the horrible truth about heating our homes and tips on how to talk about climate change with others.

Our favourite 3 festive tips to heat up your home…

  • Buy or make a fun, novelty draught excluder for your front door. How about a reindeer, or a dog with a removable Father Christmas hat?
  • Plug chimneys with a fireguard, chimney balloon or chimney sheep available from DIY shops – but remember to reopen on Christmas eve for you-know-who!
  • For those hard to spot leaks, wait for a windy day before making your way around the house holding an incense stick near suspected draught sources, looking out for moving smoke.

Download your free guide here for more heat saving tips.


Posted on: December 19, 2016 | Author: Sustainable Merton
Categories: Tip of the Week