The strawberry season makes all things summery, but did you know that strawberries are also one of the most frequently thrown away foods

How to make the most of succulent strawberries?

  • Best way to store: Store strawberries in the original packaging in the fridge.
  • When should I wash?  Wash soft summer berries just before you’re going to eat them, if rinsed too soon, they’ll go soggy and lose their shape.
  • Waste-busting recipe – simple strawberry salad: For a delicious summer fruit fix, sprinkle sugar over strawberries, and add a few mint leaves and a dash of orange juice. Leave to one side for an hour or two until the fruit has made its own delicious syrup.
  • Super strawberry-cubes – wash strawberries and place individually in an ice cube tray, then freeze. Use instead of ice cubes in water and summer drinks for an ice cube you can eat!
  • Stripy smoothies: these are great for using up all sorts of fruit. You can just blend all the fruit together, but making it stripy gives different layers of flavour. Watch our how-to video here.
Posted on: June 30, 2016 | Author: Sustainable Merton
Categories: Tip of the Week