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  • 22/09/14 – Waste Less, Live More Week

    WLLM Week LogoAs part of this year’s ‘Waste Less, Live More Week‘ a few members of the SM team wanted to share their tips on how to #BeResourceful…   First up, SM Co-Ordinator Tom Walsh reminds us that sharing is a great way to reduce ... read more
  • 17/09/14 – Putting Your Garden to Bed

    Seed StorageIt’s the time year when many of us begin to put our gardens to bed for the winter. If you’re cleaning up, remember to start saving seeds for next season by storing them in over-winter in airtight containers. If you are ... read more
  • 02/09/14 – World Water Week

    Water TapWorld Water Week 2014 takes place from 31st August – 5th September and is being hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). This year’s global theme is ‘Energy and Water’ but changes must be made locally to tackle ... read more
  • 27/08/14 – Car Sharing

    Car ShareWith the cost of owning a car in cities rising, the market for car sharing continues to grow and many people are starting to see the benefits for their pockets and the environment. There are plenty of options, including:   1) Informal ... read more
  • 19/08/14 – ‘Does Eating Seasonally Matter?’

    MarrowsThis was the question being asked last week, following a survey by BBC Good Food Magazine which reported that fewer than 1 in 10 adults know when some of the UK’s most popular produce is in season. We believe it does ... read more
  • 12/08/14 – Protect your skin & the sea!

    BeachAs the holiday season continues, most of us will buy sunscreen to protect ourself from the damaging effects of sun exposure but very few people are aware of the harm these products can cause marine wildlife and habitats. Many sun creams ... read more
  • 06/08/14 – Helping Merton’s Young Trees

    May 2014: Almost a year on from planting, the trees are looking great and growing strongRemember to water your local street trees during periods of warm weather #loveyourtrees #spreadtheword   Click HERE to read more about the importance of looking after Merton’s young trees.   read more
  • 21/07/14 – School’s Out!

    DTGT_UpcycleGaggero_Poster_300dpi_printIt’s almost the start of the summer holidays for Merton schools, so time to start planning fun ways to keep your little ones occupied… ‘Do the Green Thing’ love Constanza Gaggero’s crazy recycled creatures poster and so do we! Get creative ... read more