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  • 12/05/14 – Spring Upcycling

    UpcyclingAs well as recycling, we should also remember to reuse unwanted items. Get creative and turn everyday ‘junk’ into something new and exciting! Jewellery Moments have some great ideas to inspire your new Spring project – click HERE to get started! read more
  • 29/04/14 – Merton’s Mega Recycle

    Merton's Mega Recycle (2)Merton Council’s new scheme is designed to encourage residents to increase their recycling from 39% to more than 42.5% by 2016! SIGN UP online and pledge to correctly recycle as much of your waste as possible to be entered into a ... read more
  • 22/04/14 – Garden Birds

    1040806_tcm9-284943[1]At this time of year, most garden birds will have nestlings to feed, so it’s important to remember to keep those bird feeders topped up This season, we recommend mealworms and freshly cut fruit. Avoid peanuts, bread and fat. Clean water for ... read more
  • 15/04/14 – Why Stop At The Egg??

    chicken runHappy Easter everyone! As most of us are now buying free-ranged eggs, we thought why stop there? It’s important to ensure that the chicken and meat we consume is also sourced from happy, free-range animals. Buying directly from local farmers and butchers ... read more
  • 07/04/14 – Search The Web – Save The Environment!

    tumblr_inline_n0im6wt4m61qkhj8a[1]Ecosia is a new search engine committed to donating 80% of its income to a tree planting program in Brazil. By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free. Why not give it a try?   read more
  • 01/04/14 – Brilliant Bees!

    brilliant beesIt’s that time of year when our bees are getting out and about in search of suitable forage for nectar and pollen to feed their growing young. They need flowers with easy access, so it’s up to us to provide ... read more
  • 27/03/14 – Happy Mothers’ Day!

    10306240_10152382214846675_5817716800020922625_n[2]Many of us are buying flowers as a gift for our mothers to thank them for all they do throughout the year. As you pick the prettiest bunch, it’s important to remember that even flowers carry an ecological footprint… Responsible sourcing is ... read more
  • 15/03/14 – Eco-friendly Laundry

    reall whitesThis week one of our office volunteers is testing out an eco-friendly way to get those whites REALLY white! All you need are lemons, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda… Also, as the sun is beginning to shine, why not save ... read more