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  • 23/06/16 – National Insect Week!

    Insect WeekRunning from 20th – 26th June this year, the Royal Entomological Society’s National Insect Week encourages people of all ages to celebrate and learn more about insects.  ‘Over one million species of insects have been described and named worldwide. There are ... read more
  • 13/06/16 – It’s Bike Week 2016!

    Bicycle commuterBike Week (11th – 19th June) is an annual opportunity to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. The celebration highlights the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling ... read more
  • 10/06/16 – Hunt for Hawk-moths…

    Hawk-mothThis year’s annual celebration of moths and moth trapping has begun! Moth Night runs from 9th – 11th June and the theme for 2016 is… the wonderful Humming-bird Hawk-moth! These day-flying moths resemble mini humming-birds as they hover above the flowers ... read more
  • 01/06/16 – Go Wild this Month!

    30DaysWild‪#‎30DaysWild‬   Challenge yourself to do something wild every day throughout June! From bug counts to cloud watching to making space for nature in your garden – there is so much to do and see. Merton Green Parents are excited to be taking part ... read more
  • 26/05/16 – Plant a pot for pollinators

    Plant a potHelp save our butterflies and moths by planting a pot for pollinators this weekend!  Butterflies and moths belong to a group of more than 1,500 species that pollinate our wildflowers and crops. These pollinators are vital for food production but they are ... read more
  • Fit 20 Minutes Of Walking Into Your Day

    ChOiNzpUUAE-Tu0This May 2016 is National Walking Month and there are lots of enjoyable ways to get 20 minutes of walking into your day, everyday!   Here are some more tips to help:  Walk to school! 16 – 20 May is walk to school ... read more
  • National Walking Month Tips

    downloadMay 2016 is National Walking Month and the UK charity Living Streets want to encourage people to fit 20 minutes of walking into every day. If you’d like to take part and fit more walking into your day, but don’t know ... read more
  • 12/04/16 – Getting Fit In The Garden

    get-fit-by-gardeningThe theme of this year’s National Gardening Week, taking place from 11- 17 April 2016, is ‘Get Fit In The Garden’.   Gardening is great for both our physical and mental health and helps us to relieve stress, get fresh air, tone ... read more