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  • 06/04/16 – Cycling To Work Tips

    dscf8403-1459511112442-1aj2oh5bbzdci-630-80If you’ve recently started cycling to work, there are some basic things you can do to make sure your ride to work is a stress-free experience. These are good for your bike and will make a big difference to your ... read more
  • 01/04/16 – Plants to Attract Bees in Spring

    3861117_60a6ca30There are lots of plants that are great for providing food for bees, and some that are particularly good for attracting them in Spring. These can include not just flowers but also shrubs and fruit and vegetable plants. If you’d like ... read more
  • 24/03/16 – Regrow Food Using Scraps

    regrow-your-own-kitchen-scrapsThis Spring, grow your own fruit and vegetables using the parts you’d normally compost. Experiment with growing your own food by recycling and reusing the parts you might normally throw away. This will reduce waste and could save you lots of money! Here ... read more
  • 16/03/16 – Green Spring Cleaning!

    green-spring-cleaningTop tips for environmentally friendly spring cleaning.   There are many ways you can stay green while you spring clean over the coming months. From making your own cleaning products to getting plants for your home that act as natural air fresheners, ... read more
  • 09/03/16 – Install Water Butts

    seedlings_2862198bAs Spring approaches, a good gardening tip is to invest in a water butt and install it in your garden!   This will start collecting any rainfall for you to use throughout Spring and Summer. There are environmental benefits of doing this as ... read more
  • 03/03/16 – Reuse & Recycle Books

    This is books scramble. Many books on white background.Happy World Book Day 2016!   Instead of buying your next book brand new, you may want to see if you can find a second hand copy first, saving you money and recycling used books! Some bookshops, like Waterstones, now sell second-hand books ... read more
  • 27/01/16 – Switch It Up!

    Energy SwitchCollective Energy Switching   When was the last time you switched your energy supplier? Many of us will stay with one energy supplier despite the opportunities available to save money by switching supplier. One new way of switching is by grouping together with ... read more
  • 21/01/16 – Food Waste Recycling…

    Trumps FarmCooking, eating and enjoying the delicious foods we buy is of course the best way to reduce food waste but there may be times when you are unable to eat or store food for later. So what can you do ... read more