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  • 12/08/15 – In the Garden: Revive & Reuse…

    DIY Garden BenchBefore you decide your garden ornaments, fencing or features are destined for the dump, give them a second chance with just a lick of paint. This simple change can give new life to unwanted items and you’ll love them once more! Choose ... read more
  • 05/08/15 – Make the most of rainwater…

    Collecting RainwaterConserving water is essential for a more sustainable environment and will help save you money too!  Collect and re-use rainwater to wash the car, driveway, windows, garden furniture etc. and to water plants or rinse your hair. There are so many ... read more
  • 30/07/15 – Greening Grey Britain

    Greening Grey BritainThe Royal Horticultural Society is calling on the nation to get Greening Grey Britain!   Gardens play a crucial role in urban and suburban areas – from helping protect us against flooding and extremes of temperature, to supporting wildlife and improving health ... read more
  • 22/07/15 – Fundraising A-Z…

    LocalGiving have some great ideas to inspire you to take on a new challenge, organise an event or give up something you love to raise money for a local charity. Sustainable Merton are always grateful for any donations we receive, no ... read more
  • 16/07/15 – Red Currant Recipes

    Red Currants (July 2015)With our crop of red currants looking so good at the Phipps Bridge Community Garden, we wanted to share just a few of the ways to make the most of these tasty berries… Make homemade redcurrant jelly to accompany venison and ... read more
  • 09/07/15 – Caring for pond wildlife…

    Froglife-frog-vii-300x300Take the time to clear excess algae and weeds from the surface of your garden pond to increase light and nutrient levels for pond life to flourish. Watch out for frogs and toads leaving the pond this month too!     read more
  • 01/07/15 – Help Wildlife in the Heat

    BirdbathWith temperatures hitting summer highs this week, remember to provide extra care for wildlife to help them cope with the heat. Keep birdbaths and saucers topped up, and use washing-up tubs to create temporary ponds (more…) Worms tunnel further into the soil ... read more
  • 23/06/15 – Recycle More Around the Home…

    Recycle WeekRemember to double check each room & in cupboards for items often forgotten, such as empty shower gel & shampoo bottles & aerosol cans of hairspray or polish… Take a look at the Recycle Now ‘Are you recycling everything you can?‘ ... read more