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  • 01/05/15 – Walk this May!

    Get involved with Living Streets National Walking Month to help reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health! Along with cycling and public transport, walking offers a great alternative to car use, helping to lower our environmental impact as we get ... read more
  • 22/04/15 – Earth Day 2015

    ‪We believe that everyday should be Earth day but why not enjoy a special celebratory family meal in the sunshine using local, organic & home grown ingredients… Take a look at these ‘Top 10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Meal’ to make ... read more
  • 17/04/15 – Beat the Microbead!

    Sadly, many personal care products, such as scrubs and peels, now contain plastic particles. As these are rinsed off after facial treatments, they travel down the drain and into our seas, contributing to the ‘plastic soup’ problem. The Beat the Microbead campaign ... read more
  • 25/03/15 – Speak out for your local parks & green spaces!

    The general election on 7th May is fast approaching, so now is the time to speak out for London’s local parks and green spaces!   The London Parks and Green Spaces Forum urges you to take this opportunity to contact your local ... read more
  • 19/03/15 – The Big Freeze…

    Remember to make the most of your freezer to reduce food waste and lessen time spent preparing and cooking meals.   Top tips for home freezing: Freeze batches of meat or cheese for sandwiches and defrost daily in time for lunch. Vegetables such as ... read more
  • 11/03/15 – ‘Grow Wild’ Seed Swap Party

    The ‘Grow Wild‘ project aims to encourage everyone across the UK to come together to transform local spaces and enjoy native wild flowers. To celebrate the plants and flowers you’ve grown, they invite you to throw your own seed swap party! Spread ... read more
  • 04/03/15 – Tools for Schools

    Tools Shed is the Conservation Foundation’s tools for schools recycling project, run in association with HM Prisons. The project helps gardener’s to solve the dilemma of what to do with old tools that are too broken to use but too good to throw ... read more
  • 16/02/15 – ‘Flip to Organic’ this Pancake Day!

    The Soil Association are on a mission to show more people that organic pancakes really do ‘stack up’ and are worth the small extra cost!   Choosing organic means that your ingredients have been produced using more environmentally friendly and sustainable management ... read more