In 2018 Merton Council intend on introducing a new system of waste collection and recycling. 

It will involve the introduction of large wheelie bins to almost every home in the borough and has been met with a great deal of scepticism from some Merton residents.


The Proposals…

  • wheelie bins for most households
  • food waste collected every week
  • other waste and recycling collected fortnightly

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One resident, Nell Allen, has put forward an alternative set of proposals, and is leading the ‘No Wheelies Please Merton’ campaign, which for the sake of completeness, this information can be viewed here.

The reason Merton Council has cited for the changes is that where this system has been adopted in sister boroughs, it has resulted in a marked increase in levels of recycling. This has meant a financial saving for the boroughs concerned, as well as the obvious reduction in environmental impact.

At present, Merton spends more than £5,000,000 sending non recycled waste to landfill, so any reduction in this huge bill must be welcomed.

Sustainable Merton, like many environmental organisations, supports a ‘Zero Waste Strategy’ – where no waste is sent to landfill and all waste is reused, recycled, or in the case of food waste, biologically digested to produce compost and energy.

We recognise the zero waste society is a long way off and that serious intervention from both industry and government will be needed to bring it nearer.

This is why Sustainable Merton will be campaigning on this issue in the coming years and we will look for your support in this.

Tom Walsh, CEO Sustainable Merton


Posted on: July 17, 2017 | Author: Sustainable Merton
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