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Reduce, Reuse, Refuse & Recycle


Cleaner Air


Save Energy,
Save Money

Lowering our consumption of non-renewable resources


Value food & reduce surplus waste

Valuing food and residents' health and well being 

Taking action for the future of our planet

The current Climate Crisis is one of the biggest threats to our planet that we have ever faced. At such a critical time, we need to pull together and understand the challenges so that we can all act now.

As Merton's local environmental charity, and with our Community Champions at the forefront of our work, we are inspiring, influencing and mobilising residents, local businesses and key decision makers to think global, act local and play their part in tackling the Climate Crisis.

From reducing our consumption of energy and resources and valuing fresh, local food, to taking action to breathe cleaner air and reduce emissions, we aim to influence the changes that will make our borough a healthier, happier and more sustainable community, now and for future generations to come.

Will you be part of the solution?

However you choose to support our work - through volunteering as a Community Champion, making a donation, fundraising, joining us as a member or becoming part of our Business Network for Climate Action (the list goes on!), you can make a big difference to sustainability in Merton. Every action you take will help us tackle some of the most pressing environmental and social issues affecting our communities. Together we can have the greatest impact.

Merton's response to the Climate Crisis

On 10th July 2019, Merton Council confirmed a cross party agreement to declare a Climate Emergency for the borough to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This date may seem a long way off but there is much to be done. 

The Council will take a leadership role and is calling on businesses, residents, public sector and community organisations to get involved. It will also work towards decarbonising its own buildings and services by 2030.

The key sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Merton are road transport and domestic and non-domestic heat and electricity. Merton Council has direct control over a very small proportion of the borough's emissions (<5%), so residents and businesses have a crucial role to play as we work together to make Merton carbon neutral by 2050.

Climate Emergency Working Group

To advise on the development of a Climate Action Plan for Merton and communicate ideas and feedback from the wider Merton community, the Council has formed a Climate Emergency Working Group made up of around 15 individuals offering their time, experience and knowledge of climate change issues.

Sub-groups covering green spaces, buildings and energy, transport, products and waste, finance and behaviour change and engagement have now been set up and we are pleased that a number of our Community Champions are involved in this important work. Sustainable Merton's Community Ambassador Tom Walsh will be our lead representative in the Working Group and a number of the sub-groups.

Find out more about the Climate Emergency Working Group and its members

I volunteer with Sustainable Merton because I want to take my environmental efforts up a notch and help inspire others to do the same.

I am passionate about making the small sustainable changes because they can add up to a big difference.


Community Champion

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