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2021 Highlights: WASTE

Encouraging Behaviour Change

We want to see reducing, reusing, and refilling placed at the heart of every Merton business and throughout the residential community. Our Champion’s actions under the theme of Waste directly contribute to this vision.

In April, we partnered with the award-winning charity Hubbub for Wimbledon In The Loop to improve recycling infrastructure in Wimbledon Town Centre to ensure that what went into the recycling bin was actually being recycled. Alongside holding numerous engagement events, the project introduced 50 new, colourful recycling bins to Wimbledon which simplified correct recycling behaviour on-the-go. As a result, contamination in the bins was reduced to a level that allowed the materials to be recycled.

"Through my work as a Champion I have been able to learn more hints and tips about reducing waste as well as becoming more aware of amazing schemes that are in place to help with this goal on a local level."

Sophie - Sustainable Merton Community Champion, Waste Team

Beau Zilesnic (Hubbub) with Sustainable Merton Community Champion Alison and her daughter

Creating a Circular Economy & Connecting Communities

In October 2021, we launched Project Preloved, an exciting new initiative to help people reduce textile waste and connect around a social sewing community. Project Preloved is a community hub for everything sewing, mending, and textile upcycling and we recently held the first in a series of beginner workshops where 30 Merton residents learned sewing and mending techniques. We look forward to expanding this very popular initiative!

Our monthly Waste Warrior Weekend litter picks grew throughout the year. In total 170 local residents contributed to these efforts to clean up our local streets and green spaces.

Our Community Champions also wrote several blogs to share their knowledge of the 4 Rs, including tips and tricks relating to wet wipes, plastic-free periods, and sustainable spring cleaning.

Project Preloved participant

If you are interested in becoming a Community Champion, please visit


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