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Bringing Eco-Sexy back

The Challenge MRK is the local National Citizen Service (NCS) provider in Merton, Richmond and Kingston.

‘NCS aims to bring together young people from all different backgrounds in a common purpose. Offering new experiences it gives them the chance to take on new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people. This helps discover their own talents and realise their potential whilst having fun.’

As part of The Challenge, the true skills of one team of young people in Merton are being tested as they take on sponsored challenges to raise money for Sustainable Merton!

Through their fundraising efforts, the team aim to help Sustainable Merton grow and make the borough a more sustainable and eco-friendly place. Their goal is to ‘bring Eco-Sexy back!’ and create a movement to challenge people’s perceptions of environmentalism.

They have already taken on the ’99 Challenges’, which consisted of a day running around Merton doing ‘crazy things’ such as getting strangers to sing with them and drawing their faces on oranges… The team tell us that the day was a success, with around £150 being raised – taking their grand total to date up to £285!

We are delighted that Team Eco-Sexy have chosen to support our charity and we are also very impressed at the fun and creative way they are doing this!


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