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Business Champions: Therapy by Dell

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Dell Van Der Westhuizen is a registered FHT, ITEC Body massage Therapist specialising in stress and tension release within the body, massage techniques include Holistic, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and/or Thai Yoga massage as well as corporate onsite chair massage.

Why is sustainability important to you?

The use of single use plastics, non-reusable items and unethically sourced products are the main environmental issues. Providing a natural complementary therapy to help improve our overall well being without considering the environment did not resonate with me.

What are you currently doing to run a more sustainable business?

I was able to implement a number of quick changes within my business, including: purchasing products using only certified organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and in recyclable containers and packaging; using natural bio friendly cleaning products and cleaning cloths instead of disposable wipes; replacing plastic/paper covers with washable bed sheets and towels; providing drinking glasses for refreshments rather than disposable plastic cups; and using a water filter rather than purchasing bottled water.

Why would you encourage other businesses to become a Business Champion?

Sustainability is a journey not a challenge, we need to make changes as environmental issues will continue to impact our businesses. Clients are starting to shift their mindset too and will be looking for businesses that are more sustainable.

After attending a meeting organised by Merton Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Sustainable Merton, the realisation that there is a huge drive and support by other businesses in making Merton a more sustainable community, made me want to be a part of the journey.

What are your long term/short term sustainability objectives?

Short term; to continue this sustainable journey that I have started and not give up. Longer term; I would like to work with Merton Chamber of Commerce and Sustainable Merton to create a database/list of products and ideas that businesses can use to be more sustainable.

Dell Van Der Westhuizen



Find out more about becoming a Business Champion and join Merton's Business Network for Climate Action HERE.


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