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Community Champions partners meeting

On 16th March, a partners meeting was held to discuss how the Community Champions project has progressed so far and to present the plans for the rest of the year.

The meeting set out the future aims of the project, including what needs to be done to ensure it moves forward and continues its good work.

Community Champions works to ‘create well-being in a community’ and one of the aims of this meeting was to bridge the gap between what is available to residents and them being aware of it. It is essential that residents know what is being offered to them so that they do not miss out on opportunities.

An important part of this is maintaining the involvement of the champions by showing that the community they come from and serve improves as a result of their hard work.

The benefits of being a Community Champion, and what they get out of their involvement were also discussed. While volunteers are crucial to the continuation and development of this project, there are many benefits of getting involved, including the possibility of getting qualifications and training.

As the green sector grows and more job opportunities are created, becoming a Community Champion is a valuable way of gaining some experience and expertise in this area.


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