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Making Merton more dementia friendly

Guest blog by Natalie Parsons (she/her)

Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator – Merton

Merton Dementia Hub is really looking forward to collaborating with Sustainable Merton this Spring.

We know the physical and psychological benefits of projects such as gardening. That’s why we are excited about getting involved with Sustainable Merton's Growing Spaces activities.

Did you know research has shown that exercise and physical activity such as walking and gardening can delay the onset of dementia?

If you would like to know more about dementia, our interactive Dementia Friends Sessions provide an introduction. As well as these sessions, we will be finding ways we can help to make outdoor activities more accessible - not just for people with dementia, but for everyone! If you would like to get involved or you have any ideas about access please get in touch with us at the Hub (details below).

We are also talking about ways we can collaborate with The Wheel, Sustainable Merton's new waste reduction and circular economy initiative, and help to make Merton Dementia Hub more sustainable at the same time!

A bit about Merton Dementia Hub...

We are part of Alzheimer’s Society, and in Merton, we are the commissioned providers of dementia-related services. Our lovely Hub building near Cricket Green runs daily activities, from crafts to table tennis!

We also have four Dementia Advisors who can help you with any questions from diagnosis through the dementia journey.

We are running an initiative to make Merton more Dementia Friendly. We believe that everyone - not just those with dementia or relatives of those with dementia - can benefit from learning about this disease - what it is, and how you can live well with it!

We want to help address any fear that there may be around dementia, as well as help people to support each other or someone they may know. That’s why we are working with everyone from small community groups, to banks, shops and supermarkets, to ask if they can support dementia-friendly practices.

We would love for you to get in touch to let us know about any groups in the community who could benefit from getting involved in Merton’s Dementia Friendly Community.

t: 020 8687 0922

📍 Merton Dementia Hub, 67 Whitford Gardens CR4 4AB (view on map)


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