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#SpeakUp to climate change!

On 7th July - scorching summer's day in Wimbledon, our Community Champions joined a national conversation on climate change, asking - 'how do environmental issues affect the life you love?'

What did you #SpeakUp about?

"I was encouraged by the amount of concern and engagement I found in the people I spoke to. Many people think that only a minority of people support green causes. But actually a significant majority do. And this was born out in the conversations I had. Everyone I spoke to was concerned about air quality. Most people were concerned about global warming and several were actively taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.
From a personal point of view, I learned the value of listening to other people's views, rather than trying to persuade people round to your own. People are more likely to get engaged with an issue if they feel they can take ownership of it, and talking about green issues (rather then being talked at) is a great way to achieve this."

Ben, Community Champion

"There was a lot of enthusiasm for cutting down on plastic and interest in Sustainable Merton. It was great to hear several mums saying they had heard a lot about reducing single-use plastic from their children who had been learning about it at school and were pestering their parents! The schools are obviously doing a great job!"

Susanna, Community Champion


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