The Green Gift Guide

Blog by Jenna

Sustainable Merton Community Champion

Whether it's seasons greetings, birthday wishes or an anniversary that has you reaching for the wrapping paper, it’s time to get mindful about gift-giving.

Of course, it’s what’s inside that counts. Did you know that by March each year, 41% of toys purchased for the holidays will be broken or out of favour with our children?** Get creative and reduce the amount of “stuff” winging its way to landfill. Here are some of our top tips!

💚 Less is more.

Follow the rule of four this year, to save cash and reduce waste: 1) something you want, 2) something you need, 3) something to wear, and 4) something to read. It may even be possible to tick multiple boxes with a single gift.

💚 Think outside the box.

Get creative with crafting, experience gifts, charity donations, baking, gift cards, memberships (e.g., to gardens, museums), re-gifting, or visiting one of our many local charity shops. As well as reducing waste, you could be saving some pennies and donating to a good cause too.

💚 Support local and eco-friendly.

Keep an eye out for places where you can buy beautiful gifts made from upcycled materials, such as the Luxecycled