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Urgent action needed to clean up London's air

London’s toxic air is a health crisis, with 9,000+ Londoners dying early every year as a result of air pollution.

So what is the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan doing about it?

  • Introducing a toxicity charge: The oldest polluting vehicles in central London will be charged from October

  • Ultra low emission zone: Introducing the world’s first new emission standards to rid central London of the dirtiest diesel vehicles.

  • Zero emission taxis: All new taxis will be electric, and there will be no additional diesel taxis licensed from 2018.

  • Greener buses: Putting the greenest buses in the most polluted areas and no longer buying pure diesel double deck buses from 2018.

Sustainable Merton welcomes the Mayor of London’s introduction of a pollution levy on the worst offending vehicles entering central London.

We are particularly concerned by the harm poor air quality is causing our children and this is why we are working on an air quality pilot scheme with three of Merton’s schools.

The aim of the project is to teach children, parents and teachers all about the harm pollution can cause and the best ways of avoiding the worst of it. This work will then be rolled out to other schools in Merton.

As an environmental organisation we will also be promoting a raft of measures individuals can adopt to improve the situation.

Tom Walsh

CEO, Sustainable Merton


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