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Volunteers needed for new grow-your-own food project in Wimbledon

Clarion Futures, the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group, has partnered with Wimbledon-based start-up Our Lady of Greens to design and manage the implementation of a food garden project at the All Saints Estate in Wimbledon.

The project came about as a result of a workshop organised by Clarion Futures where local residents and stakeholders came together to discuss ways to improve access to green spaces in the area.

The Mandala Garden will be located in the central green area of the Estate, becoming a focal point for all residents and nearby neighbours to enjoy.

Volunteers are needed on FRIDAY 15 JULY 2022 (from 10am to 4pm) to help clear out the area where the food garden will be located. The main purpose of the day will be to get rid of and dispose of the turf so that the soil can then be prepared to plant vegetables and herbs. Tasks will include mainly digging, gathering waste, and carrying wheel barrels to take the green waste to a nearby skip. Joining for only half-day (morning or afternoon) is also an option. You will need to bring your own gloves and food/drinks.


For more information and to take part contact:


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