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Workplace Cycling

Partner Project 


Sustainable Merton partnered with the London Sustainability Exchange in an air pollution busting project which covering the boroughs of Merton and Richmond to target local businesses and encourage more cycling.

Sustainable Merton's role was to monitor air quality (NO2 levels) in 10 new locations in Merton to identify cleaner routes for cycling, and to attend events to engage business employees and identify reasons people don’t currently cycle to work, to which the cycling organisations would attempt to find solutions. 

As part of this project, Sustainable Merton was represented at the annual TryCyle Twickenham event in 2016.

The opportunity was used to inform the general public about the air quality monitoring work being carried out by Sustainable Merton, in the borough of Merton. The event was held in the borough of Richmond. However, this was not an issue since a number of the cyclists we spoke to confirmed that they cycle through, or to, Merton to get to their destination.




"Those who did ride to work on the roads did so because it was the most direct route, but went on to mentioned that they felt the effects of air pollution (coughing, sooty nasal discharge, etc) at the end of each commute."


Air Quality Champion

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