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Cleaner Air 4 Schools

Partner Project

London Sustainability Exchange

The Cleaner Air 4 Schools programme aims to educate young Londoners and their families about air pollution, nature and health, inspiring them to make positive changes.


More than 30,000 children and adults in 8 London Boroughs have already been involved through the programme.

The programme is a curriculum based, educational investigation into air quality that aims to:


  • Measure levels of pollution through citizen-science experiments – distribution of NO2 diffusion tubes, teaching how to measure pollutants, installation of green barriers

  • Increase awareness and understanding of air pollution for students, parents and staff.

  • Educate the entire school community about the benefits of sustainable transportation and the power of changing daily practices.

  • Empower the school community to adopt less polluting behaviours – such as no idling outside school dates and the greater use of public transports as well as walking and cycling – and encourage the wider community to do the same. 

Find out more about the initiative and London Sustainability Exchange's work in this area.

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