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Business Champions: Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken Plc is a local relationship bank founded in 1871 in Sweden. The bank was first established in the UK in 1982 and is one of a network of over 200 branches across Great Britain, and has operated in Wimbledon since 2012.

Why is sustainability important to you?

Environmental activities constitute a key part of the Bank’s sustainability work – an undertaking which affects the entire Group, all of its businesses and all markets in which the Bank operates. On a local level, we work hard to make sure that we actively contribute

towards the Bank’s environmental aspirations in the communities in which we work.

What environmental issues particularly resonate with your business?

Sustainable Investments – Handelsbanken Wealth Management has successfully operated a portfolio of sustainable investment funds for a number of years.

Waste reduction and improving recycling – by the very nature of our business we produce a lot of paper. Reducing our waste is key.

What are you currently doing to run a more sustainable business?

We are a small office of 5, but we have taken steps to reduce landfill waste. This includes moving to traditional milk delivery where our milk comes in reusable glass bottles instead of plastic and using a bean to cup machine instead of coffee pods. We are now effectively recycling all our office waste (including food waste) and only put one very small bag of landfill waste out each week.

Why would you encourage other businesses to become a Business Champion?

Being part of a network of Business Champions focuses the mind on environmental issues which can easily be lost amongst all the other priorities when you’re trying to run a business. Attending the launch of the Business Network for Climate Action event in January has inspired us to start making changes already.

What are your long term/short term sustainability objectives?

We are looking for ways to further reduce our waste and continue to find innovative ways to recycle. Our aim is to spread the environmental word across our network of customers.

Michelle Groome


Find out more about becoming a Business Champion and join Merton's Business Network for Climate Action HERE.


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