Getting creative with plastics

Blog by Sophie

Sustainable Merton Community Champion & Waste Team Leader

These days we have so much plastic in our homes, and it is tempting to head straight for the recycling bin when we are finished with it. Before letting go of your plastics though, consider what else they could be! Upcycling not only helps the planet but it can also help save you money, and is a great creative activity to do with your kids as well as a wonderful way to unwind.

Here are a few ideas of how to upcycle some tricky plastic materials to make something new:


Eco-bricks are a global community movement to take plastic out of the environment. They are essentially plastic bottles packed with shredded, single-use, nonrecyclable plastics, compressed to create a reusable building block. They can be used for all sorts of home projects, from footstools and garden benches to doorstops and beyond. Why not use Eco-bricks as a fun educational project with your kids? From creating the bricks themselves, to working out the amount of plastic saved, to building a finished product, this is a creative way to educate your children about sustainability and plastic pollution.

Read our how-to guide on eco-bricks or head to to find out more.

Upcycling toys to fuel your child’s imagination