#PlasticFreeMerton in action!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

To celebrate the launch of Refill Merton - your local chapter of the national award-winning Refill scheme by City to Sea, we are proud to share some of the stories of our Community Champions who are taking action to beat plastic pollution in their own lives and inspiring others to join them.

Tackling waste and overconsumption is a primary pillar of action at Sustainable Merton. Through our #PlasticFreeMerton campaign, we aim to inspire local people to take action and are excited to make Refill a part of the solution. There are so many ways through which you can reduce plastic in your day-to-day activities. We suggest these BIG 5 actions as a place to start:

  • Download the Refill App to locate water refill stations on-the-go

  • Replace disposable coffee cups with a reusable alternative

  • Travel with your reusable water bottle

  • Remember your reusable shopping bag

  • Say no to plastic straws and carry your own reusable one (great for cocktails and iced lattes)

  • Carry reusable cutlery or a handy spork.

Angela’s Story

"I personally use a reusable coffee cup provided by work for the occasional shop brought coffee and use a reusable water bottle at work throughout the day do most people and at the gym. I also have a reusable loose fruit/veg net bag. I find supermarkets do not always help on the war on plastic as on the one hand they provide reusable net bags and then in the same aisle a bunch of bananas will be wrapped in plastic!"