Poor air quality is one of the greatest risks to human health. 

The quality of London’s air is dangerously – and illegally – poor. And Merton is no exception.

Let's breathe cleaner air together!

We want to see an improvement in air quality around schools and key pollution hotspots in Merton, so that residents can breathe cleaner air.


We want those affected by poor air quality to understand the health benefits of breathing cleaner air for themselves and their children, and to change their behaviour to improve air quality in the borough.

It starts with you and me.

By working together to tackle air pollution in Merton, our combined actions will make a difference in the fight for cleaner air.

Download our Air Quality Handbook

Living a more sustainable lifestyle made easy!


Written by Sustainable Merton’s Community Champions, our sustainability handbooks are your step-by-step guide to making simple changes that will help the planet, save you money, improve your wellbeing, and connect you to your community. These locally-focused handbooks are written with you, Merton residents, in mind so you will find lots of shout outs to local businesses, organizations, and spaces.

Our Air Quality Handbook contains creative advice on everything from greening your home, to addressing cycling concerns, to saving fuel in your vehicle. Download it today and share it with your friends, family, and community.

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Our Projects

BREAThE cleaner air



Be part of the solution

It is up to all of us to take local action to clean up Merton's air to protect our health and the environment.


'Call to Merton Council to implement safe boroughwide transport during COVID-19 & beyond'


An open letter to Merton Councillors and Members of Parliament calling for rapid change to the roads in the borough of Merton.


Pollution in Merton comes from a variety of sources, with the primary local sources being from road transport and from buildings and new developments.

Air pollution is real.

Air pollution is recognised as a major contributor to poor health across the whole of the UK, with an estimated annual health cost to society of £54 billion.

Along with many London boroughs, Merton has several air quality black spots where levels of poisonous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon particulates regularly exceed EU guidelines for clean air, and this dangerous situation will not solve itself.

Of all sections of our society, the most vulnerable to pollution related illness are the young, the elderly, and people with heart and respiratory conditions. Children are particularly at risk due to their smaller lung capacity and proximity to vehicles exhausts, subjecting them to long term health problems such as asthma and COPD.

The main challenge is that the majority of people don’t know about the risks to their health, what causes it, or how to reduce their exposure to it. 

In February 2017, the Guardian published a piece of research that revealed all schools in London are in areas that exceed the European legal limits of nitrogen dioxide pollution, and the table reveals that Merton schools are high up in the league.

Air Pollution Schools Levels (2).png
Air Pollution Schools Levels ii (1).png

Air Quality in Merton: The Numbers

In 2017, 38 out of 50 sites monitored in Merton exceeded the air quality objective of 40 micrograms m-3. 

6 of these sites also exceeded the annual mean of  60 micrograms m-3. 

Compared to 2016, in which 20 sites were monitored, 1 has stayed at the same level


9 have increased and 10 have decreased. 




Cycling Pixabay (1).jpg

workplace cycling

Sustainable Merton partnered with the London Sustainability Exchange in an air pollution busting project which covering the boroughs of Merton and Richmond to target local businesses and encourage more cycling.

River Thames, London

cleaner air 4 communities

Creating a mass movement of community action to improve air quality in London through working with local organisations and voluntary groups to create a shift in public attitudes.

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