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Start your green parenting journey today 

Started by Community Champion Hanna on behalf of Sustainable Merton, Merton Green Parents is a group of local parents who have come together to share advice and ideas on how to make their parenting journey more sustainable.


We have a WhatsApp group where our Green Parents share inspiration and ask for advice.


We also hold monthly meet-ups to connect and occasionally invite someone who can teach them more about making sustainable choices – for example how to get started with cloth nappies.

Merton Green Parents meet once a month - usually on a Saturday. Dates and location vary so please keep an eye on the Sustainable Merton calendar for upcoming events!

If you’re interested in joining Merton Green Parents’ WhatsApp Group, or have any questions, please get in touch!

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"My name is Hanna and I live in Wimbledon Park. I am re-starting Merton Green Parents on behalf of Sustainable Merton. We want to start a group connecting local parents who want to live and parent sustainably. You definitely don’t need to already live a plastic-free life with your baby in cloth nappies. Everyone is welcome and we want to share advice and just connect.

We hold monthly meet-ups, occasionally inviting guest-speakers to tell us more about a specific topic. We want to talk about plastic, nature, the climate crisis, your local community and a lot more."

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Sustainable Merton Community Champion 

& Merton Green Parents Coordinator



Reusable Nappies (Yasmin Image)


Have you been thinking about switching to reusable nappies? Do you want to know more about the options available and why ditching disposables is good for the planet, and your baby's future? Watch our Web Chat with Sustainable Merton Community Champion and reusable nappy campaigner, Yasmin Redfern as she covers everything reusable nappy related! Contact Yasmin at

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Wimbledon NCT's cloth nappy library provides impartial advice and support to families considering trying cloth nappies. They have kits to suit newborn babies through to potty training. Kits include nappies, fleece and paper liners, large and small wet bags. A full demo offered, plus written instructions. Contact Sarah at



Qookeee (pronounced ‘cookie’) is an eco-friendly baby and toddler clothing rental store for ages 0-24 months, renting out sustainable brands such as Mori, Toby Tiger, Muddy Puddles and Kite Clothing. Qookeee is set up like an online shop but instead of buying your items when you check out you rent them instead. An easy way to waste less.

Know of any other sustainable businesses in Merton helping to make parenting journeys greener? Let us know!