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GROWing spaces

improving health and well being, valuing food and connecting communities through local growing & gardening activities

Getting together through growing & gardening

Sustainable Merton aims to increase the use of growing spaces and community gardening projects to bring people together and enable residents to:


  • Access, grow and cook fresh, nutritious food

  • Learn more about the food system and where our food comes from

  • Develop new skills in an inclusive, friendly environment

  • Get outdoors and feel more connected with their community

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

  • Contribute to climate action through greening Merton

  • Create a home for nature and attract pollinators and other wildlife

Community Food Growing Projects

Join our friendly volunteer team at Mitcham Community Orchard & Gardens and Phipps Bridge Community Garden to help with food growing, gardening and a variety of hands-on outdoor activities.


Our growing spaces are peaceful havens in a busy urban environment and aim to nurture people, nature and the planet, so why not come along and get involved!

Community Gardening Projects

Green your balcony, front garden and streets to attract pollinators, brighten your outdoor space and enjoy the many benefits of gardening to health and wellbeing. Our community gardening projects offer a great opportunity to meet local people and connect with your community. Come and give it a go!

More local community growing spaces...

Growing for health and well being


Food growing and gardening is becoming more widely recognised by health professionals and others working towards improving health.


Increasing people’s exposure to, and use of, green spaces has been linked to:


  • Long-term reductions in overall reported health problems.

  • Reduced levels of obesity and increased activity.

  • Higher self-rated mental health and improved self-esteem.

  • Reductions in depression and anxiety and improved social function.

  • Weakened effect of income inequalities on health.

  • Increased intake of fruit and vegetables by children.

"What joy to spend time out of doors and to actually make things grow- and then eat them!


Community Champion


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Alleviating food poverty and reducing food waste in Merton

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Working together to tackle food insecurities and inequalities across the borough

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