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Environment Sub Group

Merton Partnership

As part of the Merton Partnership, the aim of the Environment Sub Group is to consider the overall environmental strategy for the borough and partnership activity to:

  • Promote and work together to achieve a cleaner borough and to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

  • Consider Merton's overall environmental agenda, with particular reference to energy, air quality and food.

Going forward, the key themes of the meetings will be Waste, Air Quality, Energy and Food - in line with Sustainable Merton's four key areas of work.

Sustainable Merton will continue to run the group, as it has done so since it began in 2015, and will host three meetings per year - September, January and March.

Members include those who have a policy responsibility and influence, are influencers and lobby, who can or do deliver projects, can submit bids for funding or offer funding sources, or who have an interest/passion and knowledge of the four agenda themes.

Love Wimbledon Meeting (10th Jan 2018) (

Work with us

If you, or a member of your organisation, are interested in joining the Environment Sub Group, please contact Sustainable Merton for more information.


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