Our current consumption of resources and throwaway habit is not sustainable.

Landfill sites and our precious oceans are filling up with waste we are creating.

By 2021, we want to see Merton’s landfill reduced and recycling increased.


We are challenging the wasteful, consumption-driven lifestyle so many of us lead.


Residents and businesses are waking up to the problem of waste, and we are working with them to inspire local people to be the solution!


By making small changes to reduce our consumption of resources, and recycling the right way, we can make a big difference.


Plastic Free Merton



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Where to recycle

in Merton

Morden Library of Things, Abe and Hedge

library of things


Be part of the solution

The value of our natural resources and the impact of consumption on our environment is often far from our minds as we buy to excess and fill our homes, workplaces and fridges with 'stuff' that we may or may not need.


On a daily basis, many of the 'convenience' items we grab on-the-go are single-use, or temporary, and all too often discarded without a second thought. Our throwaway habit costs our pockets, and, with far greater consequences, our planet.


We must take action to conserve valuable natural resources and reduce the destructive impact of our wasteful lifestyles on our environment - locally and globally.


Act now to protect what you love.

I wish we could extend our ingenuity to encourage a mass step change – reducing and reusing at a rate that surpasses landfill.


With the volatility of recyclable materials often making single use materials cheaper for manufacturers to produce will we get to a stage quick enough to realise that the environment is worth more than money? As ever I will keep my fingers crossed for humankind."



Community Champion

Recycle 4 Charity

Printer Ink Check

recycle to raise funds for sustainable merton

Recycle printer cartridges to raise money to support the work we do.




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 MERTon green parents

Supporting your green parenting journey

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 MERton's mega recycle

Encouraging Merton residents to recycle more to win big!

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