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The current climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to our planet that we have ever faced. 

Our demand for energy and the burning of non-renewable fossil fuels is creating dangerous levels of greenhouse gases, heating our planet faster than ever.

Save energy, save money

We want to see Merton's energy consumption, particularly fossil fuels, reduced. We aim to do this by encouraging energy-saving behaviours and raising awareness of alternative energy options.

Energy used to heat and power buildings in Merton makes up around 81% of the borough's greenhouse gas emissions. In order to be net-zero carbon, by 2050, all buildings must be highly energy efficient to reduce the amount of energy used.

Using less energy saves money and increased use of renewable sources and taking measures to retrofit will enable the step change required to reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources.

Energy Handbook

Download our Energy Saving Handbook

Saving energy and £££ has never been easier!

Written by Sustainable Merton’s Community Champions, our sustainability handbooks are your step-by-step guide to making simple changes that will help the planet, save you money, improve your wellbeing, and connect you to your community. These locally-focused handbooks are written with you, Merton residents, in mind so you will find lots of shout outs to local businesses, organisations, and spaces.

Our Energy Saving Handbook contains a wide range of steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption at home and save £££! Learn about everything from saving money on your water bill to advice on larger purchases like heat pumps and solar panels to ethical investing. Download it and share it with your friends, family, and community.

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Energy Handbook.jpg
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I am concerned about climate change and feel that urgent action needs to be taken at every level. But I am also optimistic that people will enjoy engaging with the issue and will enjoy working collaboratively to address the problem.


I am passionate about spreading awareness about taking personal responsibility for climate change, by teaching people how they can lead lower carbon lives.

Ben - Community Champion

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House with Chimney


Energy and the climate crisis

The burning of non-renewable fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas – for energy produces carbon dioxide (CO2), along with other greenhouse gasses such as methane. Dangerous levels of these greenhouse gases are building up in our atmosphere, where they act to trap the sun’s heat, causing a rise in the Earth’s temperature - known as global warming.

The rising temperature is leading to wider changes to our weather, ​rising sea levels, acidification of our oceans, loss of biodiversity, declining glaciers and sea ice​, and slowing of increases to crop productivity.

At least 80% of all proven global fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground to meet the Paris Agreement goals and limit global warming to a target of 1.5 degrees. Our future must see almost all of our electricity generated from climate-friendly, renewable sources - wind, wave and sun.​ Change is happening... Friends of the Earth report that in the 6 years from 2010 to 2016, renewable electricity production increased from 7% to 25%.

The majority of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions arise from our production and consumption of energy

Energy Efficiency

The climate crisis is a serious threat to our planet but, closer to home, paying energy bills and keeping the home warm is a significant concern for many people experiencing fuel poverty.

A study by the University College London estimates that in 2015, 9,000 people died during winter in England and Wales as a result of living in a cold home.


The UK’s homes are some of the least energy efficient in Europe – losing heat from their doors, walls and windows. Through simple, low-cost measures, residents can improve the energy efficiency of their homes, whilst keeping warm, saving money, and reducing our production of CO2. Our Energy Saving Handbook can help!

Energy switching advice & information

Energy Saving, Energy Switching, LED


citizen's advice

Visit Citizen's Advice website for trusted advice on choosing the right tariff and how to switch energy supplier or tariff.

London Power 3 (1).jpg

london power

The Mayor of London has partnered with Octopus Energy to launch a new green energy company offering fair prices and 100% renewable electricity.


London Power aims to tackle issues of fuel poverty and clean energy, providing affordable electricity from renewable sources like the sun and the wind. 

(c) Ecotricity, Wind Power


Ecotricity, provides 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas and they use the money from your energy bills to create a greener Britain by investing in new sources of green energy and developing sustainable projects.


Clean Growth Fund (1).jpg


The Government has launched the Clean Growth Fund to speed up the deployment of innovative clean technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by making direct investments in companies seeking to commercialise promising technologies.

Looking Back

Our past projects have given us a much better understanding of energy issues affecting Merton residents and we will continue to inspire local action for a local carbon future as part of our continued action.


Wandle Valley

Low Carbon Zone


Big London

Energy Switch


Free Npower 

Energy Monitors








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