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Loving Earth:

A legacy of lockdown

Are you feeling creative?

Are you concerned about the environment?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in different ways. As well as suffering, sorrow, fear, loneliness, hard work for many, it's also been a time to reflect on how we relate to our environment and how we could do things differently in future.

This is a unique time in our history and we invite you to join a community textile project, brought to you by Sustainable Merton and the Loving Earth Project, to explore these issues and help create a legacy of this period with a vision of a more sustainable future in Merton.

What are we asking you to do?

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You are invited to create a textile panel in any style to illustrate your reflections, measuring 30cm by 30cm (excluding borders). We hope your creation along with a summary of your work will be part of a local exhibition in Spring 2021, travel as part of the Loving Earth Project's international exhibition and return to form a lasting legacy in Merton.

Download our guide to making a panel HERE.

We will be running a number of workshops to get you started, guide you along the way and help you produce a panel to be proud of, whether you're an expert textile artist or want to start learning to sew.

Please get in touch to let us know if you are interested in making a panel.

e: ellie@sustainablemerton.org

Your Loving Earth panels

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Making a Loving Earth Panel: Completing your panel 

Monday 26th April, 7.30 - 8.30 pm

Online event, Zoom

Tutorials & Resources

Introduction to the Loving Earth Project

Linda Murgatroyd, Founder of the Loving Earth Project and clerk of the Quaker Arts Network, gives an introduction to the project.

8 minutes

Loving Earth Guided Meditation

A guided meditation produced for the Loving Earth Project and Sustainable Merton

11 minutes

Textile Videos

Loving Earth Project workshop leader and artist, Lottie Percival, has made a series of creative tutorials to inspire makers working on their Loving Earth Project panels. 

These educational workshops guide panel makers through many exciting and sustainable textile techniques they can use to create their designs.

Printmaking at home

A Loving Earth Project tutorial on printmaking at home, focusing on potato printing. Created by Lottie Percival.

4 minutes


Before you start your panel you will need to gather some basic materials. Many of the items listed we hope you will be able to find at home. It is great to re-purpose if you can so that your project can be as sustainable as possible. 

A list of basic materials needed include: 

  • Basic cotton thread

  • A few pins

  • 1 basic sewing needle

  • Scissors (fabric scissors if possible) 

Where to buy: The above can easily be found in small basic supermarket sewing kits. They can also be found in other stores such as Robert Dyas (see HERE). When shopping, look for ‘basic sew and repair kits.’

  • Hand Embroidery floss (thicker than basic cotton thread)

  • Thicker Embroidery Needle

Where to buy: The floss can be found online in places such as Etsy (see HERE). Embroidery Needles can be found on Amazon (see HERE).

  • Calico or Cotton - You will need a piece which is approx 40cm x 40cm at a minimum. 

Where to buy: You should be able to find some at home (see Tutorial 1), as old shirts, tea towels, curtain lining or pillow cases can be used. If you would rather buy you can try stores such as John Lewis, Etsy or Amazon (look for 130-150 gsm weight if possible).  

Help us take the project forward in Merton

We hope the project can help people through the difficult months ahead, by focusing creatively on positive actions we can take as individuals or together to build a more sustainable future for what we love and our local community.


To do this, we will need volunteers with a range of skills and contacts to help broaden community engagement and to adapt it if necessary to enable wide and diverse participation.


You may be able to help by promoting the project within the community (schools, craft groups, faith groups, youth groups, businesses etc), facilitating mini textile workshops, helping with an exhibition in the Spring or in other ways. 

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer your time to help make this project happen.

e: ellie@sustainablemerton.org

Newsletters from the Loving Earth Project

The Loving Earth Project, founded by Merton resident Linda Murgatroyd, is a new community project that celebrates people, places, creatures and other things we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown. The project aims to help people engage with the challenges issues of the Climate Crisis by making connections between one place, person, thing they love, how their own actions might be threatening its future, and how they might become part of the solution instead.

Find out more at loving-earth-project.uk

e: lovingearthproject@gmail.com

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