Merton Green Parents


Merton Green Parents was created to bring together local people who want to make their parenting journey a more sustainable one.


Weekly Meet Ups

The group (for parents and children) met weekly at Coffee in the Wood to share hints, tips and recommendations for environmentally friendly parenting, supporting each other through their parenting and sustainable journeys.

Nappy Library

The Merton Green Parents nappy library can helped parents make the change from disposables to reusables, offering kits for newborns up to potty training, with a range of nappies to suit all budgets and bottoms!



The group also offered one to one and small group demonstrations – ideal for people with no reusable nappies at all to people who already use reusables but looking for information on other types, as one of the keys to success with reusable nappies is continuing support.


Merton Green Parents provided that support through weekly meet ups, by email, on Facebook and arranged one to one meet-ups.

It is so lovely to sit down with a group of parents who are helpful, rather than competitive. Plus the cake is delicious!”

“It’s great to have an open minded, non-judgemental, group of parents to discuss environmentally sustainable ways of living with, while enjoying good coffee.”

“Merton Green Parents has expanded our social (and FB/Twitter!) circle. Nice to feel even more connected to the local community. And the Coffee in the Wood team are fab!”