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mitcham cOMMUNITY orchard & GARDEns

The creation of Mitcham Community Orchard, led by Sustainable Merton in partnership with Merton Council as part of the Dig Merton initiative, inspired 200 residents and 12 local partners and businesses to help transform a derelict area of spare land into an award-winning community orchard with 30 different varieties of fruit trees, 7 raised beds, ponds, a soft fruit collection and a wildflower meadow.

Awards include London in Bloom, Merton in Bloom, the national LGC award for community gardens, and a Team London Award.

The site’s development continues and it has been used for numerous barbecues and parties by local residents and groups. The orchard is a community and educational resource to be enjoyed by everyone and we need the help of local volunteers to keep it growing strong.

For more information, please contact Katie at

Volunteering Opportunities

The Site

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As part of the habitat plan to develop the site to be more welcoming to wildlife the following projects have been started.

Dragonfly, Pixabay

Ponds Installed

Three wildlife ponds are now installed in a complex in the corner near the currant bushes. They are optimised for wildlife, using banks with holes and crevices and planted with British native aquatic plants. We hope to attract toads, frogs and a host of colourful insects, such as damselflies.

poppy-4728377_1280 (1).png
Watercolor Butterfly 9

Wildlife Hedge

We have now planted 120 metres of hedgerow around the site, which will grow into and around the current chestnut paling fence whilst it is establishing. As well as providing a valuable habitat for wildlife, the hedgerow is comprised of edible bushes - hazel, blackthorn, elder, dog rose and crab apples. This was achieved through a donation of 420 saplings from the Woodland Trust, planted with the help of over 40+ volunteers.

Wildflower Meadow

We have now seeded almost 100m2 of wildflower meadow as part of our habitat plan. This will provide a valuable habitat for wildlife such as butterflies, moths and bees. The wildlife ponds abut this area, bringing together our biodiversity habitat plan.

Mitcham Orchard, Pond Life
Mitcham Orchard, Female Common Toad
Mitcham Orchard, Wildflower Meadow, Corn
Mitcham Orchard, Wildflower Meadow


Phipps 27th June 18 (2) (1).jpg

phipps bridge comunity garden

Established in 2008, Phipps Bridge Community Garden is one of Sustainable Merton's flagship community gardens.

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Merton garden Streets

Merton Garden Streets is a volunteer-led initiative by local residents and businesses in the borough of Merton to make our streets and front gardensgreener.

Balcony Gardens 1.jpg

high path balcony gardens

Sustainable Merton, in partnership with Clarion Housing, is helping residents of High Path Estate to green up their balconies.

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Let us help to lift your spirits. Come along to one or all of our community wellbeing events with plants and nature at the heart.

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