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City to Ocean to Arctic sea ice:

Join us to reduce plastic pollution in Merton and save our oceans

Just last week, new research documented record levels of concentration of plastics found in sea ice floating in the Arctic.

Even more evidence that plastic waste and litter created here in Merton will find its way to our oceans, hurting ocean life and getting into our food chain. Single use plastics travel from your hands to storm drains, rivers, streams and, ultimately, into our oceans.

We are contributing to the shocking 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic dumped into our oceans every year - that’s a rubbish truck full every minute!

We can do something about this!

As part of Sustainable Merton’s #PlasticFreeMerton campaign to reduce single-use plastics in the borough, our Community Champions, supported by Love Morden, will be holding a campaigning stunt at Morden Hall Park on 2nd June from 10am - 4pm, to highlight the scale of the problem and what each of us can do close to home to stop plastic pollution and protect our oceans.


The campaign is targeting residents and businesses to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce, and will also seek to push local and national government to develop plastic reduction strategies.

Our stunt is timed in solidarity with our Community Champion and Merton resident – Emma Rogers- who will be starting the Great Pacific Race on June 2nd, a huge physical challenge she is undertaking to highlight the seriousness and urgency of the plastic pollution crisis.

So come along on 2nd June to see our 'mini' North Pacific Gyre – an area of the Pacific ocean that is home to a mass of plastic and marine debris spanning an area 5x the size of North Korea -  an area which Emma Rogers will be bravely rowing across to fight against plastic pollution!  
Support Emma and follow her inspiring footsteps, by doing your bit and sign up to our Plastic Free Challenge, so that together we can stop the flow of plastic from Merton to our oceans. Join the fight against plastic pollution!

If you’d like to speak to Emma before she goes off on her row, please contact me Sandy McClure, Community Champions Project Manager by 4th May 2018.

“ What's happening in our oceans is breaking our hearts. My passion is to reduce the prolific use of single-use plastics which contaminate our oceans, and rowing through the North Pacific Gyre will give me first-hand experience of just how serious the problem is.

Small actions we each can take, add up to big changes. Together we as residents and businesses can make that change become real. Make a tangible impact. Join #PlasticFreeMerton” – Emma


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