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Merton's young trees are in need of a drink!

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Merton's trees help to clean up the air that is exceeding European regulations in many areas across the borough. We need our young trees to establish and thrive but this can be tough for them in the dry summer weather.

YOU CAN HELP! If you live near a young tree - small and with a stake supporting it - please water it. Jugs, bottles, bowls, watering cans can all be brought into service. Wash your vegetables in a bowl and use that water for the tree. Get your neighbours to help too. There is little danger of over watering!

Find just some of the homes of your nearest new trees here & please look out for signs put up by local residents on behalf of Merton's Tree Wardens.

If you see any tree with a sign on it asking for water, give it a drink! Or any young tree for that matter.

Laura Collins, Friends of Figges' Marsh


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