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North Mitcham Open Spaces Project

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Local residents and councillors from Figges Marsh and Graveney wards met with Sustainable Merton to launch the North Mitcham Open Spaces Project under the banner of Dig Merton.

The plan is to use funds raised from the Merton Partnership to make improvements to as many open spaces as possible during the coming year by working with local people who want to do their bit to improve their neighbourhoods.

Sustainable Merton, in partnership with community engagement officers from London Borough of Merton, will provide person power, tools and equipment, as well as doing our best to publicise the project’s events.

The North Mitcham Parks and Heritage Friends Group, who are in charge of the project, will invite as many locals as possible to get involved and the first Action Day will be held in Vectis Gardens in mid November – details of this will be announced once they are confirmed.

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