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We are on a mission to alleviate food poverty and reduce food waste in Merton

What is a Community Fridge? 


It’s probably stating the obvious - a community fridge is just a big fridge, to be located in an accessible, friendly space where individuals and businesses can donate fresh edible food and members of the community can take what they want or need.

It’s all about sharing and giving :-) Our fridge will be the first in Merton, however we have some ‘cool’ neighbours in Brixton (the first community fridge in London) and Camberwell.

Why does Merton need a Community Fridge?


The need for food assistance in Merton is rising. Between 2015-17, the number of residents accessing local food banks increased by 33%. At the same time, huge amounts of good food is going to waste, filling up overflowing landfill sites and producing greenhouse gases.


We know that many businesses and residents would donate fresh food if they had the opportunity and a Community Fridge in Merton will provide this essential link that does not exist in the borough at present.

Who’s backing us? 

The project works with the community for the community so we hope that EVERYONE will back this project including residents, food activists, local food retailers, supermarkets and restaurants.


How does it work with other food initiatives?

The Community Fridge will complement existing food banks, benefiting those most in need but also extending the offering to the wider community. It is a desired outcome of the work led by Sustainable Merton on Merton’s Food Poverty Action Plan which seeks to achieve a strong, coordinated and strategic partnership approach to tackle people’s inability to afford, or have access to, quality food for a healthy diet.

How will it work?

Sustainable Merton, our fridge coordinator and team of friendly fridge fanatics (aka our volunteers) will make sure that the food in the fridge is safe to eat and within date. We’ll keep it clean and safe for all to use. 

What’s our Vision?

The fridge is just the start, we hope that by giving and sharing we will develop a food hub where people from across the borough can meet to not only share and exchange food, but to learn more about food through workshops and other initiatives. 


We need to raise £10,000!

With your support, we can make a real difference to the lives of local people and protect our environment by keeping good food out of the bin and into the hands of those who need it most.


Every kind donation will contribute to the set up, running, maintenance and management of Merton's first Community Fridge.


Here's how your combined contributions will help


Co-ordination and organisation of set up


Costs of Fridge, insurance and inspections


Contribution to volunteer coordination of the people running Merton's Community Fridge


Give back to your community

It's time to stop wasting and start giving

Could you be a Friend of the Fridge and volunteer your time to help with the day-to-day running of Merton's Community Fridge so that we can divert good food to those in need?

Are you an individual or business wanting to donate fresh, edible food to the Community Fridge and do your bit to reduce food waste in Merton?

Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about opportunities to support Merton's first Community Fridge and other sustainability initiatives so that together we can all be part of the solution.

Share this page with friends and family and help us lead the way to fight food waste and reduce food poverty in our communities.


abundance wimbledon

Abundance Wimbledon brings people together to pick surplus fruit growing in gardens and public spaces in the Wimbledon area, and across Merton.

wimbledon food bank

Supported by The Trussell Trust, Wimbledon Foodbank works hard to provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to the service in crisis.  Individuals, businesses, supermarkets, local organisations, schools and churches in Merton can all make donations.

Merton faith in action

Faith in Action Merton's mission is to help the local homeless by running a Drop-In to welcome the homeless and vulnerably housed.

They accept donations of fresh, in-date food for breakfasts and lunches.

olio - food sharing app

OLIO is on a mission to stop good food from going to waste. The Olio food sharing app connects people with their neighbours and local shops so that surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away. 

grow, cook, eat

May Project Garden's 'Grow, Cook, Eat' programme works with communities experiencing poor diets and food poverty to make healthy living affordable and accessible through food growing and cooking sessions. 


FareShare redistributes fresh, in date and good to eat surplus food from the food industry to charities that turn it into meals, preventing it from go to waste.


More on food


As part of Merton's Food Poverty Action Plan, Sustainable Merton aims to increase the use of growing spaces to connect communities and provide access to healthy, sustainable food.

MERton's food poverty action plan


Working together to tackle food waste and food inequalities across the borough

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