Thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle? Here's what you should know

Sustainable Merton’s Community Champions Energy Team recently had the pleasure to interview fellow Community Champion Rachel. In her role at Energy Saving Trust, Rachel focuses on the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) usage and she has kindly agreed to share some useful practical tips and advice with our community about owning an electric vehicle.

All views expressed in this article are Rachel’s own personal views.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role with Energy Saving Trust...

R: I have been working for Energy Saving Trust for over a year now and I can say I really enjoy my role. I am an Assistant Programme Manager in the Transport team and I work on a variety of projects related to electric vehicles. For example, some of the work we do includes administering the government grant to fund local authorities installing electric vehicle chargepoints for residents who don’t have off-street parking.

What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to someone

considering buying an electric vehicle? 

R: Look at how you would be charging the vehicle. Charging an EV can require a change in mindset from ‘gorging’ on fuel to ‘grazing’ on electricity (i.e. topping up at convenient moments).

If you have off-street parking, installing a home chargepoint is the most convenient and cost-effective way to charge. There is a government grant available to support you, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, which can fund up to 75% the cost of installing electric vehicle chargepoints at domestic properties across the UK. If you don’t have off-street park