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Behind the scenes at Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility

"We had a fascinating visit to Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility. We saw how all the recycling is separated, using a variety of machines with magnets, lights and other clever technology that neatly sorts it out into cardboard, aluminium cans, glass, etc. We saw how plastic bags clog up the system - a reminder never to put them in the recycling!

For me the most thought-provoking bit came in the discussion afterwards, where we were told that recycling awareness is lowest among 16-34 year olds. This is significant because they are the generation who will be responsible not only for solving our waste problems in years to come, but also for raising the next generation of sustainability-minded citizens. So, as well as being responsible about your own waste and recycling, it seems a lot needs to be done to engage young people with these issues. That way we can raise a future generation who are sustainability-savvy and equipped for meeting the challenges that lie ahead."


Community Champion


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