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Get set to'Mass Unwrap' Merton

Surfers Against Sewage Mass Unwrap: Join the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

After the success of the 2019 Mass Unwrap event, Surfers Against Sewage is once again holding a National Mass Unwrap from February 22 - March 1. They have also written a toolkit so local community groups can get involved and organise their own mass unwrap events during this week.

What is a Mass Unwrap?

A Mass Unwrap is a high-impact, non-confrontational way of raising awareness about excess packaging. The idea is that customers simply shop and pay as normal and then unwrap food to put it straight into their bags, boxes or reusable containers. The plastic is collected up by volunteers and put in empty trolleys to show how much waste is generated in a short space of time.

Click here to find your local mass unwrap event or to organise your own.


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