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Make the most of rainwater

Conserving water is essential for a more sustainable environment and will help save you money too!

Collect and re-use rainwater to wash the car, driveway, windows, garden furniture etc. and to water plants or rinse your hair. There are so many different way to reduce the amount of tap water you are using!

Collecting Rainwater

  • Place an old bin or other large container under your guttering downspout

  • Smaller containers are easier to move but remember to swap regularly.

  • Install a water butt to collect water from either open or closed drain pipes.

  • Tap into closed drain pipes with a rain water diverter kit.

  • Local councils and DIY stores are good places to purchase basic plastic water butts

  • It can be cost effective to build-in rainwater storage when constructing new homes, which involves sinking a large tank in the garden, pumping water out for garden/domestic tasks.

For more information on harvesting rainwater and grey water from the home, visit


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