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Michael Gove launches new waste and resources strategy

This week, Michael Gove announced a series of proposals designed to upgrade Britain's resources and waste strategy, which aim to help combat climate change, safeguard resources and reduce the flow of plastic to the ocean.

This follows months of consultation with businesses, local authorities and environmentalists on how to massively reduce the negative impact our waste is having.

Sustainable Merton, like many other groups, took part in this consultation and created a wish list of changes we saw as necessary to the new strategy's success. We are therefore very glad to see so many of those suggestions included in this document.

But unfortunately, too many of them are not yet agreed as actual policies but rather issues for yet more consultation where it is possible for their details to be watered down.

We will not stand by and let this happen without having our say and we will publicise our key concerns in our upcoming e-newsletters.

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