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Potato, Parsnip and Apple Soup

Did you know that apples and potatoes are two of the UK’s top 3 wasted foods?

Along with using these tasty ingredients in this soup recipe, here’s some tips to help prevent them from going to waste:

Potatoes: Did you know that you can still eat potatoes when they have sprouted? Simply remove the shoots, including the eyes, and then they can be prepped for cooking.

Safety first: Potatoes that are soft to the touch, wrinkled or mouldy are not safe to eat. Also, if your spuds are looking a little green this is due to too much light exposure. The green portions can be toxic, so be sure to trim these sections off before eating.

Apples: As one of the most plentiful foods grown in the UK, apples are a staple of the fruit bowls. But when cravings for this healthy snack subside, what other uses can they be put to? As it happens, quite a few. The most well known recipes are sweet, such as apple crumble, cakes and pies, but apples can also be added to savoury dishes. With that in mind, check out this tasty and nutritious recipe to get you started…

Recipe Card - Potato, Parsnip & Apple So
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