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The Peoples’ Climate March 2014

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Source: HuffPost

On Sunday 21st September, the Sustainable Merton team took to London’s streets to take part in the Peoples’ Climate March 2014!

More than 10,000 people were expected to take part in London, but co-organiser Avaaz later claimed at least 40,000 people had participated!

Months ago, Avaaz set what they believed was a crazy goal – the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. The 2,000+ marches which took place across the globe on Sunday blew their wildest expectations, with a combined gathering 6 times the size of anything seen before!

Over 675,000 of us marched around the world – an amazing demonstration of the huge numbers of people calling for ‘a society powered by 100% safe, clean energy’ to reduce the global impact of climate change.

Avaaz state: ‘the challenges of our time call us to be better, and together we’ve done that, growing and changing into a new and more effective kind of movement, a movement that is now both online, and offline’.

Sunday’s demonstrations came ahead of a summit on Tuesday 23rd September for 125 heads of state and government at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The crucial Paris climate summit is 15 months from now, which is where a global deal will need to be made. Every few months until then, Avaaz will be calling us together globally many times to continue to ‘beat a drum for change, for 100% clean energy, that our leaders can only follow’.


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