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You're invited to our virtual Community Climate Conference!

At the 2021 COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, countries are being asked to set ambitious 2030 emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero by 2050.

In Merton, the local authority has set net zero carbon targets of 2050 for the borough and 2030 for the Council’s buildings and services. Energy used to heat and power buildings accounts for 81% of Merton’s greenhouse gas inventory meaning our individual energy consumption plays a critical role in meeting these targets.

(i) As community leaders, how can we mobilise residents and businesses to be more energy conscious and save money in the process?

(ii) What steps can the local authority and national government take to address fuel poverty and enable residents to heat their homes more efficiently?

Hosted by Sustainable Merton, this community climate conference will address these questions through hearing from a range of speakers and facilitating a discussion with leaders in the Merton community.

Presentations and Speakers

Energy and COP26: Addressing the climate emergency

- Diana Sterck, CEO of Sustainable Merton

Mobilising local communities for energy action

- Toby Costin, Director of CREW Energy

Introducing Sustainable Merton’s Energy Saving Handbook: A local tool to support residents in saving money and energy

- Anca Tacu, Sustainable Merton Energy Community Champion

Merton’s first carbon neutral home: A sustainability success story

- Robin Charlesworth, Local resident who envisioned and built one of Merton’s first carbon neutral homes


1-1:45pm: Presentations from panelists

1:45-2:30pm: Thought leadership discussion


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