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Abundance Wimbledon

Partner Project

Using surplus fruit and reducing food waste 

Abundance Wimbledon brings people together to pick surplus fruit growing in gardens and public spaces in the Wimbledon area, and across Merton.


The fruit is shared out for people to eat and make into a wonderful range of jams, chutneys, cakes and sweets - sold at the group's annual 'Fruit Day' fundraising event in September. Some of the fruit is also passed on to local good causes supporting people struggling to pay for food.


People from different backgrounds are happy to work together, to share their skills and ideas, appreciate nature and being in the open air, and enjoy the whole experience of helping out. All sorts of people from Wimbledon, Merton and beyond have helped out, older people have come fruit picking, collected jam jars and made jam, and children have joined in enthusiastically too. 

Abundance Wimbledon is supported by Sustainable Merton, local churches, residents' associations and many other groups around the borough.

Abundance Wimbledon Fruit Day

Sustainable Merton at Abundance Fruit Day 2015

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