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Grow, Taste, Eat for Health and Well Being


We were delighted to work with Cricket Green School at Mitcham Community Orchard as part of our community gardening initiative - 'Grow, Taste, Eat for Health and Well Being', made possible thanks to a grant from the Wimbledon Foundation’s Community Fund.

The project aimed to bring together school children and their parents to learn about growing fruit and vegetables, taste the food they grow and connect with others for healthier minds and healthier living.

The children we worked with had a diverse range of learning difficulties and physical challenges and their participation in the project in the project offered a multitude of benefits to them and their parents/guardians. Overall, it was a new experience for the children in nurturing the growth of living things.

This project was supported by

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Grow, Taste, Eat - Autumn 2019
Grow, Taste, Eat for Health and Well Bei

“One of the Wimbledon Foundation’s principal objectives is to strengthen our local community of Merton and Wandsworth. We hope that the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund will enable local organisations to make a real difference to people’s lives and look forward to seeing how local residents benefit.”

Helen Parker - Head of Wimbledon Foundation

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