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Taking action to improve air quality is easy and can lead to a healthier, happier life. In our NEW Air Quality Handbook, we’ve compiled some of the easiest things you can do to improve the air quality in your home, local area, throughout Merton and beyond!

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We hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and spending time in the great outdoors with friends and family. Now that more of us are venturing out and about and doing more of the things that bring us joy, we hope you will be excited to hear that we have a number of in-person events happening this month... 

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As Earth Day approaches and lockdown restrictions continue to ease, it's time to think about our relationship with the environment and the steps we must take, individually and together, to #RestoreOurEarth...

Climate Assembly, Merton Schools


Last month, the resilient Merton community came together to show that we are ready for a big year of climate CHANGE - of the very positive kind! We were delighted to be among the 60 attendees at the launch of Merton's Climate Action Group and look forward to supporting and leading on key areas of this work...

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This month is Plastic Free July, an opportunity to take a closer look at the actions we can take to tackle our pesky single-use plastic habit. Wherever you are on your #PlasticFreeMerton journey, there is always more to be done...

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Spring is in full swing and May brings with it plenty of opportunities to get active, feel good and do something good for our local environment, whether that be helping to keep Merton clean and green through community litter picks and gardening projects, or pledging to build active travel into your daily routine to reduce emissions and #BreatheCleanerAir....

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Spring is here 🌸 and with it comes a restored sense of hope for the future. We must continue to take care of ourselves and others but we can also look forward to the opportunities that this year still holds for people and the planet...

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Firstly, we want to wish all of our supporters a very Happy New Year! Despite these difficult times, you have continued to support us as we push on with our mission to protect this wonderful planet for everyone who calls it home...

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