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Npower Home Energy Monitors


Sustainable Merton partnered with the National Trust to provide Merton residents with their own FREE npower home energy monitors.


We gave lots away at community events over the summer, such as Morden Family Fun Day and Deen City Farm's Harvest Festival.


Once installed, residents had the opportunity to begin to learn how much energy they were using on a day to day basis via a real time display of electricity use.


This was done by checking to see how the reading goes up and down depending on what appliances you happen to be using, so that, in a very short time, it becomes apparent what uses most energy in your home.


Having this information encourages residents to take steps to reduce their energy consumption by developing habits such as turning out lights and only filling the kettle with the water you need rather than right to the top.




  • saving energy and saving money when it comes to paying your bill.

  • reducing your carbon footprint and so have a less damaging effect on the environment.

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