Community Champions are local, passionate people who want to see Merton a greener, cleaner and healthier place to live now and for the next generation.

They are people who not only care but want to do something about it.

Community action - by the community for the benefit of the whole community - is a powerful way to improve our environment and inspire others to join us so that we can all be part of the solution to local issues around Waste, Air Quality, Energy and Food.

If we each make small changes, it adds up to a big impact. 

What actions do we take?

By joining Merton’s leading environmental charity as a Community Champion, you will have the opportunity to take practical action to reduce waste and increase recycling in the borough, improve the quality of the air we breathe, cut carbon emissions and value fresh, healthy food.

Whatever skill you'd like to share, whatever challenge you'd like to take on, whatever ideas you have, we are ready to listen and make it happen, together!


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We're a team of volunteers who bring our enthusiasm and time to support Sustainable Merton's projects and campaigns and inspire other local residents and businesses to get on board! 

Emma Rogers - Community Champion



I am passionate about spreading awareness of taking personal responsibility for climate change and working together to teach people how to lead lower carbon lives.

I like getting out and talking to members of the public, hearing what issues concern them, and learning what motivates them to take action. I want to see greater understanding of the causes of climate change and greater appreciation of how leading a lower carbon life can be really fulfilling and meaningful.


I volunteer with Sustainable Merton because I want to learn and share tips about reducing waste, air pollution, and energy usage.

I enjoy learning from the expertise and practical experience of an enthusiastic and friendly team. I love spending time in parks and on the commons, observing the beauty of the natural world.


I want to see reduction in litter and single use plastics in the borough, with more of us using reusable coffee cups and water bottles, as well as reduced air pollution with more of us walking, cycling and using public transport.


I joined Sustainable Merton to help improve our local area and beyond; to raise awareness of important issues and to meet friendly, like-minded people!

I want to see a reduction of single use disposable items and a positive change in attitudes towards waste, litter and pollution that are damaging to our environments and marine life. 


I am passionate about increasing awareness and action on waste management, starting with reduced/better consumption, and helping people change small habits (such as using a reusable bottle) that can make a real difference and also save you money!


I became a Community Champion because I want to take my environmental efforts up a notch and help inspire others to do the same. 

I enjoy meeting and working with like-minded people and am passionate about making the small sustainable changes - because they can add up to a big difference. I want to see more water fountains and fewer plastic bottles in Merton!


I volunteer with Sustainable Merton because I want to see a real difference in how society approaches consumption today. With the sustainability challenge mounting, I strongly believe that now is

 the time to act in order to effect positive change for our people and planet.

I enjoy observing the change in our community. Even if we can convince only one person to be more resourceful and responsible, I know that our cause is having a positive impact. 


"I have recently moved back to Merton and am keen to help make the borough a more sustainable place! I am passionate about climate change, food and plastic waste and want to see long-term shifts 

towards more sustainable behaviours in Merton and beyond.

Locally, I am keen to help spread the message about what we can do where we live to help the environment. I love meeting new people and sharing ideas with others who are passionate about making our community a better place to live.


I have been trying to reduce single plastic use for some time now, this first tiny step led me to finally open my eyes to the wider problem.

I’ve triggered some initiatives in my local primary school to encourage reuse, avoid landfill and raise awareness. I have recently set up a Facebook page for local mums to support each other to waste less and tackle the climate emergency - 


I have become a Community Champion because I want to contribute to the work Sustainable Merton are doing to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle at a local level and learn how this can become

a significant part of the bigger systemic change our society needs. I am keen to learn from and share ideas with other people about sustainability and I am particularly passionate about how these ideas can be translated into practical actions.


I am passionate about encouraging others to take personal responsibility for their consumption and help them believe that small positive changes all add up.


I enjoy meeting new, like-minded people to learn new things and to be inspired to be a more proactive citizen of Merton.


I volunteer with Sustainable Merton they do great work to make Merton a better place for people and nature.  I enjoy spending time with the wonderful team and meeting Merton residents

from all walks of life. Oh, and Phipps Bridge Community Garden! I am passionate about the environment and protecting our natural world, and the power of community.


Above all, here in Merton, I want to see less pollution and ever more people engaging in Sustainable Merton’s work.


I love living in Merton and want to do what I can to protect and improve our environment, on a local level and also larger level too.

I enjoy learning from the other volunteers and using my illustration skills to help communicate to others how small everyday changes can really make a difference.


I am passionate about reducing single use plastic and reducing our carbon emissions. It would be fantastic for Merton to really get to grips with reducing waste and emissions, and for this to inspire other areas too.


I am keen to play an active part in making the environment a cleaner, fairer (for all species) and  more sustainable place to live in.  I am passionate about reducing water and food security risks,

and, from an overall ecosystem point of view, debate which seeks to address the unequal balance we as a species have exerted on the earth's resources.

I want to see a focus on utilising brownfield (versus greenfield) for the regeneration of neglected areas of Merton, alongside the focus being on apartment living, which is more sustainable and land-efficient. I would also love for Merton to lead the way on increasing circular economy practice.


I volunteer with Sustainable Merton because I want to put something back in the community and improve sustainable behaviours amongst the residents.

I am passionate about recycling and reusing and want to see an incremental improvement in waste management, using clean renewable energy, and more care for the environment in Merton.


I love volunteering with Sustainable Merton because it’s an opportunity to share great ideas and support a better relationship between people and the natural world.

I enjoy hearing from and getting inspired by the other volunteers and members of the public. Forming a collective vision for a more environmentally sustainable society, and working out the myriad ways that this can be reached, is incredibly exciting.

I’m keen to support emission reductions and clean, local energy generation within Merton. Sustainable transport provision, for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport, is also really important to me.


I joined SustainableMerton because we both share a passion for tackling the single-use plastic epidemic. In Oct 2019, I will be joining eXXpedition, an all-female sailing crew looking to tackle 

single-use plastic pollution. Sailing from the Azores to Antigua via the North Atlantic Gyre, we will be collecting plastic samples to help us better understand the type of plastic found in our ocean. This will help us make better decisions and develop better policies to tackle single-use plastic pollution.

You can follow Facebook updates here.


I joined Community Champions because I want to help reduce the waste in my Borough, which I have lived in for over 25 years, and to learn more about living a greener life in general.

I have a lot of enthusiasm and a can-do attitude which I hope to put to good use as a Community Champion,


Sustainable Merton gives locals and Community Champion’s the opportunity to come together and collaborate bringing innovative ideas to the table to tackle a number of environmental issues

Merton is currently facing.


I work in Merton in Waste, therefore, most of my time is spent here, so I thought why not get involved? I’d say my main focus is on trying to educate residents, businesses and communities to create long term behavioural changes, which doesn't just benefit the environment but also leads to money saving too!


I'm passionate about the following waste streams; Food Waste, Textile Waste (Buy second hand), Nappy Waste, (Switch to reusable nappies), and encouraging plastic-free sustainable periods!

Are you ready to make a difference?

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